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Focus your message. Expand your audience.

ACG DWC is one of the leading communication consulting and training agencies in the Middle East. In addition to industry-leading training and executive coaching programs, we offer a comprehensive set of services to empower and enhance government communication, strategic communication, and strategy consulting and research.


We are a team of international communications and training experts with vast experience and a passion for helping business leaders, organizations and government entities communicate ideas and messages effectively to achieve real, sustainable impact. We have been responsible for the success and continuing influence of some of the leading companies, brands, authority figures and government bodies across the Middle East.

A Leading Agency

A Unique Spokespeople Development Program

Our robust strategies are designed to empower spokespeople and leaders in government sector and multinational organizations win daily communication battles and build their credentials as great communicators. We help them sharpen their communication and discipline their messaging to express ideas and narrate their story in a manner that captivates audiences, and drives their message towards achieving extraordinary results.


What sets us apart from others in the sector is our unique and highly personalized strategies to helping individuals communicate better. One example is our holistic approach to public speaking and interaction. Beyond improving the participant’s body language, paraphrasing, clarity of speech and tone of voice, we also turn their focus inwards, helping them build their inherent confidence and belief in themselves as excellent and impactful communicators. In this manner, we deliver our overarching goal of having a transformative effect on the individual’s overall abilities as a communicator and a leader.

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