Crisis Communication Management Training

Objectives and learning outcomes

  • Implement strategies to manage, coordinate and monitor crisis response communication at multiple levels

  • Take control of the "golden hour" period

  • Build a fast-moving, strategic, multi-stage event response plan

  • Identify and prepare for a range of crises beforehand

  • Maintain uniformity in messaging across media channels

  • Implement strategies that not just safeguard, but also improve reputation

  • Use media channels and social media platforms for maximum advantage

Face the Line of Fire

In spite of an organization’s best-concerted efforts to prevent untoward incidents, accidents, problems and issues can arise without a moment’s notice. The manner in which an organization and the people at the helm react and handle a crisis can demonstrate how responsible and competent the entity is. ACG’s Crisis Communication Management Training course is an all-encompassing session that facilitates effective communication during difficult times. The course identifies potential risk areas and prepares the management team to communicate effectively in the face of crisis.  

Effective Communication in Crisis

Communication during crises is crucial. If handled without due care and diligence, the organization can be perceived as insensitive, incompetent or even arrogant and conceited. ACG’s Crisis Communication Management Training course has trained and equipped leaders and key position holders in various organizations by preparing them on how they can effectively communicate with key stakeholders. The course places great importance on realistic problem-solving and outlines a strategic plan of action to tackle communication at all levels during a crisis.

Communication for Leaders

As a leader, are you well-prepared to manage communication if a crisis should occur? The management team should be attuned to anticipate problems that might flare up into crisis situations. ACG’s Crisis Communication Management Training is a specially designed course that develops the skill sets of key persons so that they can rise to be effective spokespersons for the organization. With an absolute emphasis on realistic problem solving, negotiations, participants collaborate on simulated hands-on exercises based on real-life crisis situations. The course also outlines how and why you need to debrief and learn from a crisis.

Send the Right Message to the Media

A crisis invariably attracts attention from the media, and it is crucial that we manage the responses effectively. Miscommunications and failure to communicate with the press at this stage can be debilitating for the organization and can hamper its image, reputation and credibility. ACG’s Crisis Communication Management Training can be used to polish the media communication skills of key individuals in your organization. The course also outlines how mainstream, new media and social platforms can be leveraged for communicating key messages to various audience groups. 

In times of crisis, make sure you send out the right message, at the right time, through the right channels.