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Emotional Intelligence

Objectives and learning outcomes

  • Build mental strength and find resilience to overcome professional and personal setbacks

  • Identify negative patterns and influences through self-awareness

  • Attain the self-discipline needed to overcome damaging habits

  • Empathize and engage better with those around you

  • Achieve the self-control, maturity and wisdom to perform in leadership roles

  • Build better and stronger interpersonal relationships

  • Learn practical strategies to control and manage your emotions

  • Empower your mind to attain peak performance

Mind Over Matter


Being aware of your emotions and managing them effectively helps you communicate, engage, and collaborate better. It is often the secret ingredient that professionals need to achieve the mental strength and resilience they need to work under pressure and attain peak performance. This course offers you a comprehensive training in the foundational ideas of emotional intelligence. Through discussions and practical exercises, participants are empowered with the tools they need to improve their emotional quotient, battle daily challenges to their mental and emotional well-being, and perform well in leadership roles.

Self-awareness is the first step towards emotional strength and maturity. A better understanding of yourself and your emotions provides you with the discipline and willpower needed to regulate yourself more successfully. This is why our course starts with a complete assessment of the individual's emotional capacities. This is followed by analyzing and identifying the patterns and habits that have a negative influence on their performance. Building on this information, our carefully crafted training tasks help participants correct these habits and avoid the effects of damaging emotions.

Interpersonal Relationships

A lack of emotional intelligence has often been cited as the reason why talented individuals fail to perform in managerial or collaborative roles. Improved emotional and mental strength helps you develop the confidence, empathy and compassion needed for better interpersonal relationships, teamwork and customer service. Our emotional intelligence training course helps participants understand the role of managing emotions in relationship development. It offers practical strategies to help managers, leaders, and individuals use their emotions to connect more deliberately, have better professional interactions and influence more effectively.

Lead with Confidence

An emotionally strong and effective leadership is the hallmark of a dynamic and innovative organization. Such leaders are able to connect with employees more meaningfully and understand what they’re seeking from their work emotionally. This knowledge can then guide the proactive efforts taken to influence employee happiness, productivity and fulfillment. This transformational program strives for a comprehensive and intrinsic strengthening of the participants’ emotional capabilities, while improving their personal leadership skills and empowering them with the tools they need to manage their emotions and help others manage theirs.

Harness the power of emotions for extraordinary competency and exceptional thought leadership.

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