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Happiness at the Workplace

Objectives and learning outcomes

  • Achieve a more engaged, self-motivated and productive workforce

  • Retain and attract quality talent

  • Positively affect both professional and personal lives of employees

  • Build an environment more conducive to innovation and creativity

  • Improve collaboration and interpersonal relationships among co-workers

  • Improve mental and physical health and decrease stress and absenteeism among employees

  • Facilitate employees to contribute their full potential

  • Improve the organization’s overall image in the industry and society

The Happiness-Productivity Relationship

There is a well-documented evidence of a direct relationship between the happiness of the employees in an organization and their productivity. Happy professionals are often known to be less stressed, more mindful, more creative, and have better relationships with superiors and co-workers. ACG’s Happiness in the Workplaces is a transformative program designed to help organizations and business leaders understand the importance of happiness among employees and take innovative measures to build work environments that are more conducive to it.

Happy Work, Happy Life

For a lot of professionals, the workplace is where they spend a majority of their time. This means the interactions and experiences that they have at work have an impact on the other areas of their life, which in turn circles back to affect their work. This training program helps business leaders construct an ecosystem of happiness in their organizations. Such an ecosystem helps employees feel in control of their lives and become more proactive and efficient at taking care of themselves and others. The result is a healthier workforce, lesser absenteeism, more collaboration and improved overall productivity.

Happy to Innovate

Intentionally pursuing happiness in the workplace and having employees feel supported and safe can drive organization-wide changes. One of the biggest changes is improved creativity and innovation. Our testament to achieving a happier workplace starts with building an atmosphere of rational optimism, recognition and empowerment, where employees feel free to pursue their curiosity and seek stimulating work. The results could include not just growth opportunities for the organization and the individual, but also innovative solutions to issues that may be plaguing the industry or society at large.

Cause and Result

It's true that the benefits and importance of employee happiness are not just for the individual, but for the organization as a whole. In fact, happiness and success at work has a cause and result relationship where each affects the other. This program helps enterprises interpret the dynamics of this relationship as practical implementations towards improving their employee happiness. Our strategies can help organizations work with employees to build a unique list of happiness criteria and then create an action plan to make these possible. The result is a more dynamic, growth-oriented institution where employees can contribute to their full potential.

Lead employees to their potential by fostering an environment of happiness.

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