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Media Interview Skills Training

Objectives and learning outcomes

  • Develop unique strategies to exploit media channels to achieve impact and build reputation

  • Build a confident and authentic body language and tone of voice

  • Prepare for tricky questions and learn to think on your feet

  • Learn how to deal with difficult journalists and stay on your message

  • Build skills to connect and bond with journalists and media personalities

  • Convey professionalism and thought leadership

  • Learn how to compress and deliver information in sound bites for maximum retention

  • Isolate and communicate your key messages to specific demographics

  • Generate enthusiasm and interest among key demographics

The Power of the Medium

Reports in the news media often shape public opinion about you and your organization. This makes it imperative to build a strategic and well-thought-out media strategy that can help you effectively communicate key messages while improving your reputation as an enterprise. This training course is designed to help everyone from individuals to business leaders and spokespersons communicate their key messages to a larger audience, while promoting a positive impression about them and their organization.

It's All About Clarity

Journalists and interviewers are not often experts in the field you operate. It is up to you as a communicator and leader to clarify your agenda and your message. Our media interview skills training helps you prepare not just your facts, but also how you're going to present them. The course empowers you with time-tested skills for simplifying your messages and ideas, while keeping them Illustrative and impactful.

Non-Verbal Interactions

It's a known fact that we communicate much more through our actions and body language than through our words. This carefully crafted program helps leaders and communicators use their body language as a tool to support their message delivery and idea transfer. It trains participants in maintaining positivity through interviews and appearing relaxed, personable, and controlled in all situations. This helps them build personal connections with both audiences and journalists, and engage them to better communicate ideas.

Consistent Messaging

With an ever increasing number of platforms across spectrums (print media, television, radio, and internet media) that customers use for interaction, it has become a necessity for enterprises to keep their messages consistent and synchronized. Each of these mediums has to be handled a specific way for maximum engagement from the audience. This program trains participants in the intricacies of effectively operating a modern communications department. It guides communicators in molding their messages into memorable sound bites or descriptive illustrations, depending on the platform, all while maintaining message integrity and validity.

You too can achieve absolute mastery over media management and message delivery.

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