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Personal Skills Development

Objectives and learning outcomes

  • Achieve a personal emotional shift and embrace the leadership mindset

  • Find the courage and charisma to reach out, connect and build long-term relationships

  • Inspire and motivate others to collaborate towards organizational goals

  • Perform more effectively in leadership roles

  • Empower yourself with confidence and clarity of purpose

  • Balance positional and personal power to influence and achieve results

  • Implement strategies to constantly improve your personal power and effectiveness

  • Find the confidence and personal power needed for self-awareness

Building Effective Leaders

A sense of inherent empowerment is essential for individuals looking to improve their professional performance and interpersonal relationships. It is also one of the most necessary traits needed for someone to perform well in a leadership role. In fact, leaders and presenters with little personal power often struggle with ineffectiveness and low retention among audiences. This high-energy training course is built to deliver an emotional shift to participants and arm them with confidence and clarity of purpose. It can help them improve personal productivity and relationships, and get into the leadership mindset they need to implement operational strategies more effectively.

Beyond Expertise

More often than not, it is an individual's personal power and ability to build relationships that leads to professional growth, than their standalone skills or expertise. For organizations, employees with a better sense of personal power take responsibilities more readily and are more motivated to be creative in their endeavors. Our personal power and effectiveness course is designed for everyone from communicators and entrepreneurs to major business leaders. It can help participants tap into their innermost strengths and exploit their core competencies to become more effective, productive and collaborative in their work.

Influence - Inspire - Transform

It is only individuals with a high degree of personal power who can dare to set off on a path of self-awareness and self-leadership that will allow them to explore new domains and means of improvement for themselves and others. Such leaders can empower and motivate employees to rekindle their passion for the professional path they've chosen. Our program takes a slow and multi-stage approach, making an effort to influence the mindset of participants before giving them the tools needed to achieve personal power. It's designed to help them collaborate, lead, influence, and inspire others for maximum efficiency.

Conflict Resolution

A large number of conflicts that get out of hand within enterprises do so because the managers and leaders either don't have the skills or don't feel comfortable enough to address them early on. Through this course, participants operating in leadership roles within their organizations can achieve a more effective sense of personal power. This will help them take responsibilities more readily and approach conflict resolution from a guidance and advisory role to motivate employees towards team-building and achieving results through relationships.

Empower yourself, your team and your enterprise for maximum effectiveness.

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