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Public Speaking Training

  • Develop a unique, consistent, and engaging voice

  • Evaluate and identify most pressing issues and eliminate fear, anxiety and stage fright

  • Achieve comprehensive increase in self-confidence

  • Develop public speaking skills most relevant to engage your unique set of audience

  • Learn how to prepare and tabulate ideas for maximum delivery impact among audiences

  • Start thinking on your feet to better respond to unforeseen circumstances

  • Develop empathy to better connect and communicate with audiences

  • Learn how to tailor presentations to achieve objectives over media channels

Objectives and learning outcomes

Results Unparalleled

There is no form of engagement as impactful, engaging and large-scale as speaking directly to a set of audience. Being proficient and talented in public speaking can not only help you advance your career and connect better, but also create opportunities where none exist. Our Public Speaking training program is conducted by Hicham El Amrani (ACG’s founder and Managing Director). It outlines a comprehensive and holistic approach to build your reputation as a public speaker. This is done by focusing on the more internal aspects like confidence building, while helping communicators tap into their innermost strengths.​

Command Attention

In an age where audiences are constantly bombarded with information and notifications, using public forums like TED Talks to communicate an idea guarantees the kind of discourse and discussion that saves it from being ignored due to lack of understanding. Our public speaking program trains you to be more persuasive, appear confident and present your ideas more strongly. Designed for maximum impact, our strategies also help you become more informative about your ideas; so that you can help your audience understands its nuances. This improves your reputation as an expert and trustworthy individual or business entity.

Connect Humanly

All forms of public speaking are an effort to engage with the audience. Once the audience has a connection, they are more likely to empathize with the speaker and accept or adopt the new ideas being presented. This kind of bond also helps a speaker transfer their passions and energy to the audience more effectively. Therefore, this is one of the primary focuses of the program - training communicators to think on their feet so that they have a more professional and confident response to unpredictable situations, and deliver a more conversational and friendly presentation.

Holistic Development

The program’s unique inside-out approach to developing communication and presentation skills is designed to build an individual’s inherent belief and confidence in themselves as an effective public speaker. Through positive thinking and visualization techniques, communicators are encouraged to find their true voice and exhibit it with authority and authenticity. In addition to helping them reduce their fear of public speaking and build a strong voice, it also advises them on how to practice more effectively and improve their skills through self-evaluation and correction.

Find your voice, engage fearlessly and build lifelong connections.

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