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Strategic Communication Training

Objectives and learning outcomes

  • Design strategic communication initiatives based on organizational objectives

  • Build strategic communication templates for improved crisis readiness

  • Enable participants to set and identify communication priorities

  • Develop the skills to Identify key stakeholders and target audiences

  • Maintain legitimacy, uniformity and orientation of message across channels

  • Equip participants with the right tools and systems for effective strategic communications

  • Enable participants to create message framework for every issue that arises within their respective organizations

  • Achieve value added communication in convergence with business needs

  • Use insightful audience metrics in messaging for exceptional ROI

  • Tailor messages towards specific demographics to achieve maximum impact

  • Implement continuous measurement and improvement of communication strategies

All Communication Isn't communication

This is one of the major lessons in our Strategic Communication Course. In an age of notification overload, people are often quick to filter or block out new messages. This makes it imperative for organizations to redesign their messages and their delivery for maximum impact. For us, strategic communication is a more focused, filtered and goal-oriented approach for leaders and influencers to take while delivering key messages to respective stakeholders, thereby ensuring better reception of ideas and more engagement from the audience.

Victory Loves Preparation

A well-developed communication strategy can be the difference between success and failure when faced with tight deadlines and demanding circumstances. It can function as a template that can be customized as per situations and environments. Our training is designed to help communication professionals become more strategic in their planning. We encourage you to draft and adopt a personalized communication vision and mission that's aligned with the organizational goals. This improves readiness to respond and communicate effectively, by analyzing situations and emotions, and managing issues before they actually arise.

Targeted, Designer Communication

With this program, we train business leaders and key communicators in the process of planning towards strategic communication, through its focus on critical thinking and analysis. It is a master-course in building an effective strategy that incorporates a complete SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis of the enterprise and its unique goals. This helps identify key communication objectives and list out measurable action plans to achieve these objectives.

Orchestrating Synchronization

With more platforms and avenues of engagement than ever before, it is one critical responsibility of stakeholder communication to broadcast unified, credible and consistent messages across all these platforms. We can help business leaders and communication professionals coordinate their messaging and press-release actions across a range of media channels to appear as a persuasive single entity with a distinct personality and a uniform behavior.

Build your own strategic communication templates - for every situation and every objective.

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